Sughi, as sauces for pasta

A research project through senses in partnership with Alessi

I see my work as a translation. ‘To translate’ understood as a movement which starts by my childhood’s memories, it goes through senses – taste, touch, sight, smell – and it finally turns tangible in textures, images and colours.

That notion of colour that I started considering as an other sense, dissociated from sight. I try to represent the idea of a metaphysical space throughout the picture and the video. This dimension is where I rush into whenever I get close to the pillar values of my culture: staying together, sharing, dedicating each-others.

Here tomatosauce pasta takes over on the geometry of the elements on the scene, and turns up being the real protagonist. It is just in this univers that a penna rigata can turn into a vase a pacchero can be a napkin holder, a fusillo can stretch and roll up to be a cheese holder


The colour research is a chapter which will be never close. As a starting point I collected all the objects, samples of material which were relating to the sauces I looked for. In a second moment I set a method in painting samples of different qualities of paper with various tones of red: acrylics, tempera, pastels, watercolours, silkscreen colours. At the end of this phase I could identify sixteen reds and textures linked to precise pasta dishes throughout years.

The link between red, pasta and textile is the temperature, a really important theme which could be the turning point of a sensorial designed outcome. Even if Alessi never produced anything in fabric I found that it might be an interesting field they could try to investigate in the future. I developed some graphic ideas for a set of fabrics for the dining/kitchen universe.

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