Sheep make Glasgow

Sheep make Glasgow move

Sheep is a smart, Scottish pal. It is able to collect Data about personal mobility and it always connected to the user’ Scottish Railway account. It is a tangible reminder of the amazing countryside around Glasgow and all the biodiversity it has.

The service is thought to encourage local tourism by train in Scotland. Users are invited to accomplish easy goals in their everyday life, related to mobility and an healthy life-style. In so doing they collect points which can be used as a discount in their travel expenses.



Sheep the physical evidence of being part of a flock: a community of people with shared interests in nature, health and travel. In the online platform different sheep can get in contact and find their flock for traveling together or just sharing personal experiences and useful tips.

Sheep make Glasgow move: twice a year (May and October) Sheep are all around Glasgow, hidden everywhere. It is a treasure hunt open to everyone in the city. Every Sheep has a QR code to be scanned and a big price from the Scottish Railways for the winner up for grabs.


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