NHS Collaborative

NHS Collaborative

A research project in collaboration with the Western General Hospital, in Edinburgh aimed to explore the terrain of chemotherapy

In order to map out the interactions of the ward we set the research with an ethnographic approach. Shadowing nurses has been very relevant to know their task sheet and moreover to be introduced to patients. Having a mediator between us and patients was the only way to understand how to talk with them.

After the first week of research  a huge amount of informations and possible insights was collected. In order to share this knowledge with the group we created a wall of post-it where those notions were organized in different categories such as quotes, actions, interactions and rough insights. We started selecting the main informations and organizing them on a time-line with the aim of creating the first attempt of a user journey map.

We started creating a complex user journey experience. The patient in a central position and  all the interactions  taking place all around him. Stakeholders, places, duration, touchpoints have been highlighted by different colours and textures.

The final user’s journey map has been inspired from ‘This is service design thinking ’ and the semantic of public transportation’s maps. All the interactions have been mapped in a sort of visual language which is very easy to read and includes important informations. Every stakeholder is identified by a colour-category; the interaction is a combination of colours; the direction is given by the straight hash lines colours and arrows. The notion of time has been a discussed topic because even if we had very precise informations about it we didn’t want to put too many details.

This final outcome was delivered and discussed with the Western General Hospital. It has been taken as a discussion tool about insights for further projects.

Further Projects