About me

My name is Barbara Cerlesi, born and raised in Milano I started studying design at Politecnico di Milano in 2014 after classical studies and a working experience in the fashion system.  I joined the MEDes program and attended The Glasgow School of Arts and ENSCI Les Ateliers (in Paris) in order to get a faceted point of view on design as a discipline.

I am a designer interested in research about cultural facts.
In my work I take details from human or natural habits as raw material and try to turn them in the key point of the project, finding the hidden value they convey.
During my research I like to surf through different fields as philosophy, chemistry, politics, architecture, cinema. I truly consider creativity as the freedom to establish meaningful links between things, and it is exciting when these come from different worlds. I am interested in colors, materials and sustainability as ingredients to tell a story about the environment we live in.

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